Substance Identification (IDE)


Substance (IDE)


Beilstein Registry Number (BRN)

Beilstein Preferred RN (BPR)

CAS Registry Number (RN)

Chemical Name (CN)

Chemical Name Segment (CNS)

Autoname (AUN)

Linear Structure Formula (LSF)

Fragment Molecular Formula (FMF)

Molecular Formula (MF)

Search MF Range (MOFO)

Charge (CHA)

Element Count (ELC)

Number of Atoms (NA)

Number of Elements (NE)

Number of Fragments (NF)

Molecular Weight (MW)

Fragment BRN (FBRN)

Lawson Number (LN)

Structure Keyword (STR.KW)

Compound Type (CTYPE)

Constitution ID (CONSID)

Tautomer ID (TAUTID)

Composition: Comp. BRN (CCBRN)

Composition: Comp. Name (CCN)

Composition: Comp. Conc. (CCC)

Beilstein Reference (SO)

Entry Date (ED)

Update Date (UPD)

Compound Disposition (DISP)